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Anonymous asked: can i kindly ask when we're going to get a cruz update? :) you're probably busy so there's no pressure at all. i'll just reread the entire thing, tbqh. haha. just curious. take your time with it!

Hi, you’re definitely right, I have been busy of late with real life and before that, I just couldn’t get into the mood to write. =\ =\

I hope to get something out soon, but Cruz is getting really tough to write at this point, I won’t lie. But anyone who is reading, pls keep on me about this, because I refuse to abandon this story. Thanks for asking. :) xo

Anonymous asked: Do you think Olivia was jealous of Elliot and beck?

Of course, but I think it was mostly because it felt like to her that he was able to move on from their partnership/friendship more easily than she did (even though we, as the audience, knew that wasn’t true because Elliot was a mess, Olivia just caught Elliot and Beck interacting at the wrong time). Remember when she was dreaming/moaning his name in her sleep in Oregon because she obviously missed him? And then there he was being touchy feely with another partner(woman) when she came back?… I can understand her confusion and/or possible jealousy that he was never that way with her leading back to how they admitted they chose each other over the job because they were “too close” before she left for comp crimes and then Oregon. I’m banking on the fact they were confused on what their feelings were for each other after spending so much time together that they realized their feelings were bordering on dangerous territory and that’s why she left after Elliot told her they couldn’t keep doing that and if they did, they couldn’t be partners and Olivia wanted their partnership more than admitting they might have feelings for each other because it was much more dangerous to admit it than not (which I’m 99.9% they did).